18.2 Warm Up
5-10 minute Bike/Row/Ski/Combo (easy pace)
+ into
Dynamic movement prep
+ into
30-sec Deadbugs
30-sec Double Kettlebell Front Rack Carry
30-sec Banded Good Mornings
+ into
Build to your planned 2nd or 3rd attempt Clean for a single and then bring the weight down to the opening weight and perform five singles with 60-sec rest between
+ into
15-sec Assault Bike Sprint (last 5-sec all out)
1:45 Easy Spin
+ into
30-sec Assault Bike @high effort
4-6 Dumbbell Squats
4-6 Bar Facing Burpees
+ (3-5 minutes)
12 minute running clock
Dumbbell Squats @50/35-lbs/hand
Bar Facing Burpees
In remaining time
Build to a max Clean

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