A. E90s for 6 sets:
Jerk dip w/ pause in dip + Jerk drive + Split jerk w/ pause in receiving position
*Start moderate and build per set. Prioritize positions and speed over load.

B1. Push jerk
4×3; Touch-and-go; Rest 30s

B2. DB push press
4x30s; 20×0 tempo; Tough; Rest 2-3 min

C1. Strict weighted pull-up on rings
3×3-5; 20×1 tempo; Rest 30s

C2. Pendlay rows
3×8-10; 20×0 tempo; Rest 2-3 min

D. 5 sets:
2x(Squat clean + Front squat)
500m row @ 75%
2x(Squat clean + Front squat)
-Rest 2-3 min
Tough weight but no misses.

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