Competition Programming 17.09.11 – LEGION Strength & Conditioning

Competition Programming 17.09.11

General warm up, 5-10 minutes of light aerobic work followed by 10-20 minutes of stretching and dynamic movement prep

A1. 90/90 Hip Cars – 2×10 e/s (slow and controlled); Rest 30-sec

A2. Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Squat – 2×5 e/a @41X1 Tempo (movement focus heavier than last week); Rest 30-sec

B. Snatch Warm Up (perform this every minute on the minute, 10 minutes)
Perform the following movements for 2×3 before moving to the next movement. Pause for 3-sec in the starting position and the overhead/catch position for each movement. Load should be light 55-95-lbs
Snatch High Pull
Muscle Snatch
Power Snatch (catch in quarter squat)
Power Snatch (catch at parallel)

C. Snatch – Build to a heavy single that demonstrates good technique (10 minutes)

D. Snatch – Every 90-sec for 15 minutes (10 rounds); 1 Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat @90-100% of today’s heavy single

E. Back Squat – Build to 10RM;; then perform 3×10 @90% of today’s weight


5 Sets –
60-sec Assault Bike @ last week’s RPM +1
24 Wallball @20/14-lbs
12 Power Snatch @95/65-lbs
Rest 2 minutes

*Record Calories and times for each set

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