If you're looking for the fastest path to your goals, working one-on-one with a coach is the best way to get there.

This isn't just about reps and sets - you'll work together with a coach to figure out your limiting factors and your biggest wins and systematically attack them. If you want to find out what you're capable of, you need to have a plan.

Todd Nief, Head Coach - Legion Strength & Conditioning

We can help with that. 

One of the most challenging parts of training is filtering through the sea of information available to you and knowing that you're on the path to your goals.

It's easy to get lost endlessly browsing blogs, forums, and YouTube not knowing whether each screaming headline is an important nugget of tactical information or just another quick fix aiming at shaking a quick buck out of the lowest common denominator of people looking for results without the hard work.

For competitive athletes, there's a constant anxiety surrounding social media and endless comparisons to the performance of others. What squat program are they following? How come everyone else is hitting PRs once per week?

For the person heading to the gym who just wants to look and feel better, it's easy to fall into a rut and blame "lack of motivation" for not sticking with a program. Is this really the right program? It seems like I'm stronger, but the scale isn't changing. Besides, I've made nowhere near the changes in six weeks that I saw on the sales page for this PDF of workouts.

The missing link here is a coach - a person who has the tactical knowledge to get results, the big picture perspective to understand where you sit relative to where your goals are, the experience to know what your biggest limiting factors are, the resilience to work through the inevitable sticking points and plateaus, the empathy to make you feel safe and understood, and the self-awareness to act as a fiduciary advisor for your health and fitness - not just to offer reps, sets and work to rest ratios.

If you're curious what a coach can do for you, and you want to find out what we think the biggest wins are for you and your training - as well as the plan that we'd use to attack them - click below to schedule a no obligations free consultation.


Hopping from blog to blog? Looking for accountability and structure in your training?

Follow Progressive & Integrated Programming

Lots of programs simply overlay a weightlifting template, a gymnastics template, a running template...and some metcons. Our program is an integrated whole written to progress appropriately throughout the season.

Access All of Our Webinars

We host monthly webinars with experts in the fields of nutrition, weightlifting, track & field, physical therapy, and more. These are the people who we learn from and who we go to for help. 

Join a Community of Like-Minded People

There's something special about people who purposefully choose to do something challenging day in and day out, and we find people form tight bonds with their training partners. While competing with others day in and day out can be toxic, working together to improve is magical.

Find Out What You're Capable Of

People who choose fitness as a sport have a seemingly insatiable desire to push their limits. Work with us to find out what those limits really are - and find all the improvements you've been leaving on the table.


We've learned what works and what doesn't as we've worked with our individual clients for the last several years - and yes, we've taken several of them from "just missed' to spots at the Games and Regionals. Our group coaching program makes all of this knowledge accessible not just to the high level athletes or the individual clients who we work with - now we're finally making it available to everyone.

Gymnastics Skill Progressions

Use your own bodyweight as resistance in order to improve muscle endurance and body control.

Energy Systems Training

Athletes love to suffer and do painful workouts. However, learning the gears of your engine and your pacing strategy - as well as building up the capacity to tolerate more work over time without breaking down - is the path to success in the sport.

Video Review

The best way to improve technique and to discover your blindspots in training is to have a knowledgeable coach watch what you're doing. We review all videos posted in our group.

Rehab and Pre-hab

Prevent injuries and improve movement patterns while making joints more resilient by improving your control through different ranges of motion - and by challenging your motor control and stabilization strategies in non-fatigued settings.

Scaling Options

Not everyone can do muscle-ups and handstand push-ups - but that doesn't always mean you should be doing ring rows and push-ups instead. Learn appropriate scaling options to build the capacity necessary to achieve higher level skills.


Yeah, yeah, yeah - everyone wants to get stronger. But, strength is not the be all end all in competitive fitness. Build the type of strength that actually translates into improved competitive results.

Strength & Accessory Work

We've studied the best minds in strength & conditioning, track & field, rehabilitation, and more - and our program is an integration of all of this knowledge applied specifically to our sport.

This is the art of program design - which is all about figuring out how to get results in the real world.

Full Competitive Program -- Including Double Sessions

Our normal free program is a stripped down version of our full competitor program. This includes warm-ups, additional skill work, and occasional double day sessions.

Access to Our Closed Group for Coach Feedback

We love answering questions and watching videos for our athletes - this gives us the opportunity to help with technique and clear up confusion - and also understand what our folks are struggling with.


We create a lot of content discussing best practices and fundamental principles of training - and we also have a lot of different training templates that we've shared for some of our highest level athletes as well as on how to attack specific weaknesses. Get access to all of this content as well.

Access to all of Our Webinars and Training Templates

Ok - so how does this actually work?

I'm not super competitive but I want to get better - is this program for me?

The main group program is written for the avatar of someone who is capable of finishing in the top few hundred places in their region - but we also offer scaling options for advanced and more technical movements.

However, I wouldn't tell someone who is just starting out to follow an online program in lieu of having an in-person coach based upon the importance of one-on-one feedback to developing proper movement patterns.

This program is ideal for people who want to get better and want to train to compete - but it's not necessary that you have the talent and lifestyle of a Regionals athlete.

I am super competitive, and I want to make it to Regionals/The Games/etc. Is this program for me?

Most people who are competing at the highest level in our sport have a coach working with them on an individual basis, and I would recommend the more individualized approach to anyone who wants to absolutely maximize their performance.

That said, this program is written for the avatar of someone who is likely going to finish in the top few hundred in their region in the Open - so, it should have the required amount of volume, intensity, and skill work to get you to that level if you have the talent and the dedication to pursue that path.

However, there are so many incremental little things that can make or break someone's bid to make it to the next level, and a relationship with a coach is often crucial to maximizing those improvements.

What if I have pre-existing injuries?

Injuries are pretty variable, and it's somewhat irresponsible to offer blanket recommendations for injuries on a website.

That said, it's often beneficial to continue training and moving as much as possible - provided you aren't exacerbating potential injuries or movement issues.

You should be able to modify the training to suit a variety of movement restrictions, and we're available to answer questions on modifying movements.

But - don't do stuff that hurts, don't do things that feel sketchy, get the opinion of a licensed medical professional when you're actually injured, and at least try to think longer term than your next training session, please.

I don't have certain equipment. Can I still do the program?

We will often include equipment that may not be standard in every gym. We do this knowing that some people will not be able to do the exercises exactly as written, but we're always available to help modify based upon what you have available. In fact, we should probably put together a modifications library of sorts. Thanks for the idea.

Anyway, the most important thing in a training program is not the exact stimulus of a particular exercise or a particular training day - it's the accumulation of results over time.

Is the program posted ahead of time anywhere?

Yup. We post the whole week's training at once - we think this is really important in order to allow people to schedule their week and prioritize the most important sessions for them.

What if I need to work specifically on [insert weakness here]?

The nature of a group program means that almost everyone will have some specific weakness that is undertrained. Aside from pushing individualized coaching - there is always opportunity to tweak the group programming to focus on your specific needs.

It's not enough to just warm-up with some reps of movements that you struggle with - it usually requires a deeper diagnosis and understanding of training to figure out what the true limiting factor is for any "weakness" in fitness.

All of us coaches are happy to help as much as able with this process with our group coaching clients.

What if I don't have time to do the full sessions on each day or all of the sessions in a week?

Ah yes. The realities of life prevent most of us from spending several hours in the gym each day.

We try to make it clear which sessions are priorities based upon the overall structure of the training week, but we encourage you to tweak and modify the template based upon your schedule.

In fact, an understanding of how to modify your training based upon how you feel on a given day is a crucial skill to develop. No, this doesn't mean you get to just not do stuff because you don't like it - but the best athletes do have an intuitive sense of when they should hit it hard and throw down, and when they're going to get diminishing or even negative returns by forcing out another training session or trying to squeeze something in on an already high stress day.


We know you've probably tried some other programs where you downloaded a PDF that quickly started to collect dust on your computer desktop. Or you posted on Instagram tagging your "coach" hoping for some engagement - and you'd get an occasional "good job."

We're focused on delivering an excellent product with excellent and consistent feedback, and - even though we're still in the process of figuring this whole group coaching piece out - we hope you'll join us and give us your feedback on the training process. And, you can count on us to take feedback and work to improve the program.

And - if you think we're full of it and that our program isn't any good - cancel at any time


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