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A. Double overhand deadlift, no hook grip – 2” platform
5×3; 31×1 tempo; Building; Rest 2 min

B1. Back rack hold
4x15s; Heavy; Rest 30s

B2. Double KB front rack hold wall sit
4x30s; Tough; Rest 2-3 min

C1. Glute-ham raises
3×12-15; 40×0 tempo; Rest 30s
C2. Staggered stance double KB deadlift
3×10/leg; 20×0 tempo; Short rest b/w legs; Rest 1 min

D. 10 min:
100’ single-arm KB carry, right (tough)
100’ single-arm KB carry, left (tough)
100’ waiter’s walk, right (tough)
100’ waiter’s walk, left (tough)
45s plank

Rest Day

General warm up, 5-10 minutes of light aerobic work followed by 10-20 minutes of stretching and dynamic movement prep

A. Power Clean – 10×2 EMOM @60-70%

B. Deadlift – Build to 20 reps TNG perfect back/hip mechanics at 50-60%


For Time:
Row 500m
20 G2OH @135/95-lbs

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